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       Welcome to 3 Key Selections.com.  My name is Luke Sheppard and I am a sports handicapper.  I use mathematics combined with my understanding of line value to arrive at my selections.  I also combine complex game situations to understand team strengths at different points throughout each perspective sport's season. Teams vary in performance throughout the season, and understanding their true, current form (compared to public perception) is my key to unmatched, long term winning. 

    The title of my website explains exactly what I do.  Every morning, I study the days games and I look for the *three best bets of the day.  Sometimes, I release several more bets that I like as "Leans".  I log each and every pick that I release in to the two sports monitors that I use, for 100% transparency.  The "leans" that I release can be a bonus to you, the customer.  Now, by releasing these "Leans", there is a positive and negative affect.  The positive is that the "leans" can help my customers capitalize and profit more, but the negative is that the "Leans" can hurt my record as they do not always fair as well as my TOP selections.  Ultimately, it is your choice to bet my "Leans".  My advice is to bet my top 3 bets at 2% of your bank roll each and to bet the "Leans" with .5% of your bank roll, each.  For maximum efficiency, only bet my 3 Key Selections.

    Basically, the information above, explains everything needed to know about me and my handicapping perspective.  I do not have any of the classic "stories" about how "I started betting on the playground when I was 9" or how "my degree in Physics" help's me win.  The fact is, most anyone could be a handicapper if they desired to be one.  If you have the time, patience, discipline and experience, you could handicap your own games and probably do well, in time.  The problem is, most sports bettors do not possess all four of my listed criteria from above, to be successful (especially discipline).  I do possess these tools and my record speaks for itself and I am sure it will answer most other questions that you may have. 

My Motto - "Just Win"!





*I Release 5+ Games Some Days, But I Will Designate To My Customers Which 3 Picks Are The 3 Key Selections

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